Our Mission

GreenLife is a nonprofit organization established in the US. It is our mission to build a global database of validated natural solutions to effectively treat life threatening diseases. GreenLife wants to provide alternative, natural medicines to patients and empower them with the understanding of the healing qualities of these remedies.

Toxic pharmaceutical drugs can have lasting negative side effects which can significantly impact the health of patients in the long run. By gathering and validating individual successes patients have had using natural remedies to heal medical conditions, GreenLife is building a global database from which patients and caregivers can derive relevant outcome analysis for natural remedies.

We are not driven by the urge to sell products or brands but by the urge to provide real and usable information to patients with life threatening diseases. We want to become a helpful resource and will provide the database, once put together, to anyone for their personal well-being.

Fully understanding your success story in utilizing natural remedies to fight your disease is very important to us and to all those searching for alternative solutions! Support us and share your data. We will honor your privacy and keep the information strictly confidential.